Attracting Hotel Guests during Nigerian ‘Summer’ Holiday

Attracting Hotel Guests during Nigerian ‘Summer’ Holiday

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Some weeks into the summer holidays and predicting your hotel occupancy should become clearer by now. If you are still not sure what to do to bring in guests to your hotel, then this post is for you. Usually, Nigerians with sufficient disposable income are known to travel out of the country for the holidays but in today’s recession, many Nigerians have reconsidered and re-prioritized their expenses.

The current exchange rate is definitely better than last year but managing basic expenses for an average Nigerian is still a challenge and it is however, more logical to spend their naira in Nigeria. Foreign visitors or Nigerians in Diaspora on the contrary can use this to their advantage and choose to return home for the holidays to visit their families and friends. For this reason (exchange rate), security and for a more comfortable accomodation, hotels are a good option for tourists. This is a good opportunity for hoteliers to explore and how well you manage this season could determine how many repeat customers to get for a very long time

Fortunately, the Nigerians that could not travel out still have to find ways to keep the family engaged and entertained. Some may decide to give the family a treat even if it is just for a weekend or just have a change of environment or routine. As a result, hotels can provide these services for both locals and foreign visitors. Here are some ideas to attract and entertain your guests while driving your revenue up. It is important to remember that the right pricing is important to ensure your bottom line is not affected negatively. After implementing your plans, remember it is useless if you do not market it.

1) In-House Games or Sports for leisure:

This could include swimming, aerobics, tennis, golf, snooker, table tennis, badminton and others available. Classes could be offered to guests willing to enrol

2) Tour Operator Service:

The hotel can choose to offer airport pick-up service as well as tours for the guests (both in-house and otherwise). A day trip could be arranged to see places and tourist destinations in state or neighbouring states like beaches, museums, boat cruise, tradition villages, palaces or conservation. The hotel will have to gather information from tour operators and inspect each attraction to ensure that it is decent and meets expectations before taking guests there.

3) Kiddies Corner and Baby Sitting Service

Providing a Kiddies corner in the hotel can be very convenient for both the hotel and the guest. Kids can be involved in activities like painting, lego, drawing, colouring, jumping on a bouncy castle or computer games e.g. Playstation or Xbox. A babysitter can be assigned to the room to assist as well as maintain order. An empty meeting room and serve the purpose conveniently. These services can have an additional charge to the guest

4)General Entertainment:

Having and promoting general entertainment in the hotel can also help draw customers to the hotel. A entertainment night with cultural group displays, life band from early evening to night time, karoke for all age groups etc

5) Affordation Room and F&B packages for families and individuals

Reasonable room rates for relevant room types e.g. connecting rooms, suites and apartments and well as customized food and beverage packages can help to drive sales this season.

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