Taking Care of your Guests This Ramadan Season

Taking Care of your Guests This Ramadan Season

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Ramadan is a period of fasting for muslims from dawn and sunset after which the Eid-el-Fitri is celebrated.They cannot eat, drink or smoke but are to pray and be involved in charity work. Hotels must be cautious in order to prevent wastage of food as well as meet the needs of the guests.Iftar is when fasting for the day finishes and a meal is taken usually with family and friends. First of all, monitor the percentage of muslim guests in-house as well as the food consumption for some days. If your hotel has a considerable number of muslim guests, it would be hospitable to accomodate the needs of the guests and create a themed ambience and experience for them.

Some ideas for Ifta include flat bread, nuts, tea, sweets, sharwarma,sheesha,dates, salads, grilled seafood, soups, beef and chicken dishes, doner, hot and cold mezzas, pudding, oriental dishes and juices. With these, a set or buffet Ramadan menu can be put together for the season, a separate room can be set up with a tent for the guests with Ramadan table covers. Endeavour to prepare breakfast very early for the guests.Reduce your buffet quantity and increae set menu. Ramadan greeting cards with a written letter from the General Manager could be given to muslim guests to identify with them and a Prayer room can be provided for the guests.

Finally, remaining food from the restaurants can be shared to the poor. These have been practised in many hotels and has helped increase guest loyalty.

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